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Wish your happiness to bloom

It is like a bud just about to bloom fully with sflowers. That is where the name “Tsubomi” is from.

The bud ball jiggling around your ears will make your ears look cute.

The material we use are stain and metallic strings, there is elegant gloss and shine, and it adds brightness to your ear.

It is very light so that it will not hurt your ear.

Handmade accessories with many thought put in to it.

The designer NIJISONG was born in Korea and brought up in Japan.

She spent her college years in Seoul, Atlanta, London.

Taking a lot of cultures in various countries,

“Can I create something new with my own hands?”

“NIJISONG” was born from such thought.

NIJISONG’s accessories, from presence to presence to delicate and delicate, designs are various, but all are soft and feminine like impressions.

Accessories made using traditional crafts of Korea and Japan which is also the roots to have dignified beauty in the kindness, reminiscent of an adult woman.

Works of NIJISONG combining cuteness and beauty.

She wishes for others’ happiness and others peace.

It is an accessory with such a wonderful thought.

Product Details

Size: Length about 40 mm, motif about 12 mm

Material: satin cord, silver cord cord, Czech pearl, stainless steel (bracket)


– Because of handmade, there are some individual differences in size feeling.

Weight: kg



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Pierced earrings - Tsubomi “WISH”

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